Welcome to Yali Tribe

Welcome to Yali Tribe - Papua- Indonesia

This Is Our Map In Yali Tribe -Papua If you come to Yali people, for visid us you can see in the midle Map is, where we are. Yali people. We waite you guys!

This is our Traditional Houses of Yali people. Is so many diference, because Yali Tribe have 4 bigest vilangge: Lolat, Ninia, Holuwon, Angguruk also diference houses, who is stand in fron house is from Lolat and the next is Ninia,Holuwon and Angguruk.

How you will see Yali Women very strong never know tired lazy. Ealy morning they went out from 5. 00 and go home a round 6-30.

From here, Yali people grow-up and go to any where, every where

This people is scond generation of Yali Tribe.

This is our vilange of Yali people, from here we are Yali Tribe grow-up.

Giving tanks and Celebrated of Yali Tribe.